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You won't find any technical jargon here, nothing about HTML, PHP or creating themes. What you will find are simple, easy to follow courses with lessons that will teach YOU how to edit your website's content.


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Learn how to take charge of your WordPress website with a range of free courses.

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Free WordPress Courses and Lessons.

Are you scared of logging in to your WordPress website and making changes?
Are you worried about clicking the wrong thing and breaking your website?
Do you wish there was a free set of WordPress courses to help you get started?

Free WordPress Courses, what's the Catch?

No catches, a lot of the WordPress courses and lessons on this site are made for clients of my web design studio. But I thought why not just open this up to everyone? WordPress is free - so why not some free WordPress training?

Eat, sleep, breathe WordPress.

I've been working with WordPress and small businesses now for 5 years, I know the problems most new site admins face. If you find a course useful then please let me know, or if you'd like to suggest a topic you'd like covered I'll add this to the to-do list.